Silver mamba tribute to allysson


Silver Mamba Tribute to Allysson

33.47' x 8.09' enchess ( 85.2 x 20.7 cms)

WB: 20/20.10 enchees ( 51/66.5 cms) 

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Silver Mamba is our tribute to our "SILVER RIDER" Allysson Pastrana.

Allysson was the victim of the negligence of a world organization that one year after death wants to use the time to heal the misfortune spilled in the town of Vista Chinesa in Rio de Janeiro.

The community does not forget, We do not forget the damage caused to the family.

An innocent life, an exceptional human being, and even more the best rider that has been known with only 18 years.

An innocent in the hands of idiots.

He is no longer physically with us, but we will carry his memory to the end of our lives.

Forever Allysson ...

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